Is there any reason not to use __builder_editing__ in the preview URL all the time?

We are having an issue where if we don’t use __builder_editing__ when first rendering a preview, we get an error pop-up while our application spins up the new page. However, if I follow the instructions to set up a dynamic preview URL for pages and add __builder_editing__ it works great.

My question is, it seems to also work great if I put as the non-dynamic preview URL. Is there any reason not to do this? Why doesn’t Builder just default to __builder_editing__ behavior as it seems to me to be more responsive and stable?

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Hi @vrio_dave,

Most of the time, when you’ve successfully integrated your app with Builder, you can automatically edit and preview your site using a preview URL. However, since each use case is unique, builders like to give the flexibility to users to have their own preview URL or live URL. We appreciate your feedback and request you submit a feature request at Ideas

For more on preview URLs you can refer to our doc

I have kind of the same confusion about when to use a dynamic preview URL and posted about it here. I would absolutely love if the docs could expand on the concep: e.g. describe some use cases of a dynamic preview URL and explain what advantages there are over a static one.