Add preview url automatically

Hi, I’m building a blog and I was wondering how can I add the preview URL (?url=/builder_editing) automatically here?

Like [Preformatted text]( after that the slug I will use in the entry, and after that ?url=/__builder_editing__ ?
So I don’t have to add it manually every time I create a new blog.



With what intention you want to add that param? :thinking: Right now, the builder instance provides a method to know in your code if you are in Preview or Editing.

Hi! I want to add that extension to the editing url so that the marketing team can see the preview when they are editing or uploading content without having to change manually the preview url in the preview iframe

Ok, so for what you want to do, when setting your model you need to set the preview URL to the one will download that content and add _ to the end so when clicking the entry, it opens that entry instead of having to manually type it’s name, ex: on this would be .

Also, I think you would need a workflow for Publishing. On a project that I worked we had set up multiple Workspaces, there was one called Staging where Mkt Team updated the content that needed to be pushed live, and when all involved parties approved the content, we copied that entry to the Production space.

just noticed that for what you want I think Section or Page model types would work best as Data is to share objects between components/sections/pages in Builder, let’s say you create a Blog entry and want control of the authors or roles for that post.