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How I make a model's preview URL open with the corresponding ID of the Content I'm trying to preview


I got this React app for which I’m setting up this blog. I have my model defined but I’d like to when I open the content, the preview URL auto sets to follow that post, in other words, make Builder read a query param to load content specific for that page, ex:


I want to make this because the end users are non technical and it could be a pain point to always c/p the URL when they want to post new content.

@christopher_dev this is definitely possible! I recommend checking out this tutorial: Creating a blog in Builder - Builder.io

It should give you an idea how to accomplish what you want I think. For React/NextJS app it is a fairly straight forward build, though other tech stacks can also accomplish using these examples as a starting point. Check it out and let me know if you have any further questions!