How to make your section’s model preview URL dynamic

For example in blog posts you want the preview url to be based on the slug property on your section model.


You should be able to preview your content and be able to handle multiple url parameters
with the following configuration:

1 - Go to your model options where you can edit the preview URL* for your model
2 - At the right side of the input to preview Url, click the button with “< >”, which says “customize preview URL logic”
3 - Now you will be prompted to a section where you can write whatever JS function you choose, make sure you always return a string as a URL

Example 1:

Let’s say you want to return a string based on a targeted audience by locale

 if (targeting.locales[0] === 'es') {
  return ``;

 return ``;

or even:

 return `${targeting.locales[0]}${targeting.urlPath}`;

Example 2:

Let’s say you want to return a string based on a content data in your editor

 return `${}}`;

And, as mentioned on the prompt:


* Available objects:
*  content: a json representation fo the current state of content. e.g. you can access things like ``
*  space: the current space settings, including properties like `space.publicKey`
*  targeting: an object represeting the content targeting settings, for example: `targeting.urlPath`
*  fetch: You can reun async code with `fetch`, such as: `const settings = await fetch('...');`
*  contentModel: the current content model, including helper properties like `contentModel.isLive` to know if an item is live
*     (published and not scheduled for a future or prior date)