Preview URL, Models and Contents

When I create Page/Section Model I could/should fill Preview URL. I read tutorial but still understand the purpose of that field. So, it should point to my site, for example http://localhost:4200 or, but I don’t understand why this field should be compiled in model creation, and not in project settings for example.
And if I point to http://localhost:4200/some/random/path what happen? My Page will be unvailable from http://localhost:4200?
Okay, I have a page model, and that I want to create a content. When I create a content, I need to provide a URL second time. What???
I really don’t understand how things work.

Hi @van9petryk,

The preview URL inside the editor is a way for to load your site and add the ability to drag and drop components to it, it does that by targeting the <BuilderComponent ... /> on the page and matching it with the content based on current URL, this is usually done in any other web server technology by :

  1. Overriding the 404 handler
  2. Checking with if there’s a page match, if so render, otherwise return 404

To know how the builder preview URL works you can visit How Builder’s preview URL works.

Let us know if you have any further questions. Thank you!