Dynamically embed Symbol in another Symbol

Hello, I have a Symbol with many Content Inputs. I am trying to embed another symbol within the first. Sort of a parent-child type idea. My question is 2 part…

  1. I can embed a symbol within a symbol but, when I put the “parent” symbol on a page, I can no longer change the content inputs of the child. Am I missing something?

  2. Is it possible to embed the Symbol AS A content input. Meaning a content input would be a list of available other symbols to use a child.

Hi @Jeff, Welcome to Builder.io Forum!

  1. I created the two symbols and use them as parent and child in my space to test the requirement stated by you. You can change the content inputs of the child by selecting the symbol > Edit> Edit Symbol.

  1. Yes, it’s possible to embed the symbols as content input. Check out these docs:
    Adding Inputs to Symbols - Builder.io
    Symbols with blocks - Builder.io

If you’re facing any issues while implementing this, please share the builder content entry link with more details so I can have a closer look!