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Editor preview keeps reloading


We just fixed our production deployment of our NextJS site for a customer, but it seems that something else is going wrong with the editor. Using the same repo on a local URL works fine, but loading it in from the live URL just keeps refreshing the page.
The console just keeps repeating this:

Here is a fiddle of it so you can see it for yourself.

Hi @gijsbotje, thank you for brining this to our attention!

I was able to dig into this a bit more…are you by chance on Chrome with our Chrome Extension installed? It seems that the Chrome extension doesn’t like live URLs in our fiddle sandbox. I am not seeing the errors outside of Chrome, or if I turn off our Builder browser extension. In fact, is this happening for you anywhere outside our fiddle sandbox? I checked your edit, preview and live pages within Builder and didn’t see these same errors there. I am also not seeing any actual refresh, just a flood of warnings, so while annoying, I believe these errors can be safely ignored for now.

It looks like there is a minor typing issue within our browser extension code that I can create a bug ticket for, but do let me know if you are experiencing more significant issues and we can escalate looking into it further!

Hi @TimG ,
No clue why it did it, but we used a different approach to deploying our next server with docker, and now it works perfectly. Glad it did bring a bug to light though :slight_smile: .

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great! Glad yall were able to fix your issue!