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I’m wondering if there is another way to edit an image to fill in the box instead of just cover or contain. The image position provides options to center, left, right, etc. the image but those options won’t apply to all my images since my images have data binding. In the screenshot below, the image position is centered, but the image is technically not centered how I want it to show. If I select “right” for image position, this is how I’d like the image to be displayed. Is there a way to fill? I only saw that option with Image API, not sure if that’s how i’d have to do it or if there’s another way around it.

Hi dalia,

If the presented options don’t fulfill your use case, you would be able to solve using custom CSS.

Adding a class to your selected layer:

Adding CSS:

If you believe there is an option you’re not seeing that should be added, I would be happy to make a feature request.