Error: Couldn't get query results for "/dynamic-page/**" in 15.000s

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when I run gatsby develop my dynamic page works. When I try to build it it does not work. It throws this error
Error: Couldn’t get query results for “/spudnik-models/**” in 15.000s.

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this is the gatsby-node file

gatsby config

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Reproducible code example
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Hi @shae.spudnik , welcome to the forum! If you are trying to manually create your spudnik-model pages in gatsby-node.js then you don’t need to include it in the Builder plugin config. You will also need to query the content in your createPage. Here are some resources below that may help. If you’re still having build issues would be great if your could share a Github/Codesandbox that minimally reproduces the error so we can investigate further. Thanks!