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Error Loading BuilderIO in Angular

I went through the Tutorial for Getting Started with Angular and was able to get to the point where the should load on my page. My code is

<builder-component [options]=“options” [data]=“data” model=“page”>


I am able to see “Loading…” for a brief second and then the page goes blank. The only error I am getting in my console is: “DevTools failed to load SourceMap: Could not load content for https://cdn.builder.io/js/webcomponents@latest/dist/system/angular/s.min.js.map: HTTP error: status code 404, net::ERR_HTTP_RESPONSE_CODE_FAILURE”. That URL returns “Couldn’t find the requested file /dist/system/angular/s.min.js.map in @builder.io/webcomponents.” when I attempt to access so I am not sure if my recently setup API Key is not working or if there’s a permission thing I’m missing to access that .map file on your server.

Any feedback is much appreciated.


Hi Gary, the error you shared is just for loading a sourcemap file (are you using Safari?) and won’t impact the rendering of the Builder content. It sounds like it might be a targeting issue, can you take a look at the Builder API request in the browser dev tools (should start with cdn.builder.io/api/v1/query) and look at the params in the request and if there is any content in the response. It’s possible that you don’t have any content matching the params you set on the builder-component.

Thanks for the feedback. I am using Chrome and took a screenshot of what I have under the cdn.builder.io/api folder.
The code I’m using is just

<builder-component [options]=“options” [data]=“data” model=“page”>


Which, according to the documentation I thought would be enough to render the builder components like in the examples. Is there something additional that I would need to add?’’

Hi Gary, yes that is enough to load a page entry in Builder that matches what you pass in as options. The screenshot you sent is for a JavaScript file, here’s so more info on how to inspect network requests: