Exporting All Code and Hosting Web App Elsewhere

I want to subscribe to Builder.io and use its tools. But I want to host the web app I’ll create elsewhere, not at Builder.io. Is it possible to export all the Svelte (HTML/JS/CSS) code generated at Builder to my GitHub account and host the web app (a PWA actually) in my own web host?

Hey @FlipOne With Builder, you host your own site and use our APIs to build/edit pages and add content using our powerful No-Code Visual Editor into your site. You can export this data at any time or use webhooks to load the data directly into your backend or however else you like so you don’t need to depend on our backend at all if you don’t want, giving you headless capabilities.

Hi Sheema, that’s good to know. So, I want to simply pay for using the Builder tools but completely avoid paying for anything else like the so-called “pageviews” when I host elsewhere. Can you point me to documentation that clearly explains how I can export all code and host the web app or website elsewhere, totally independent or disconnected from Builder? Thanks!

Hi @FlipOne You can refer to our documentation - Deploy to a preview environment.

Thanks, Sheema. I don’t see any reference to pricing on the docs you pointed me to, though. I wanted to know what I need to do or how NOT to be charged for “pageviews” when I host my web app elsewhere.

Hey @FlipOne you can subscribe to our Free plan which gives you 10k Page Views. If your page views exceeds 10k you would need to upgrade you plan. Have a look at our pricing page to understand our pricing model further.

We’ve been going back and forth with no clarity provided to my question, and the difficulty you have obviously means that even if I host OUTSIDE of Builder, I still have to pay for what Builder calls “visual views”. Is that correct? Please confirm.

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That is absolutely correct. If your page views/visual views exceed 10K you would have to subscribe to a plan that meets your needs.