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External CSS file not updating in Builder

Could I please get some help figuring out why an external CSS file is not updating in builder.io after I make changes?

Hey @gthree - we are happy to help you out.

I am looking into things on our end, and with just the simple information provided above, I am not seeing an issue on our side right now. Any code you supply as custom CSS is simply added into a <style> tag on your page, and the browser handles the @import - there is nothing fancy or any manipulation of this content done in Builder.

I would first check - are you certain the code is updated, and if so is it possible the browser or a CDN is caching an older version?

If you are certain of the above, can you share more info, such a a fiddle reproducing the issue (builder.io/fiddle -> create your reproduction, hit save, and share the new URL) so we can look into deeper?