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Stale content stuck in CDN?

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Detailed steps to reproduce the bug
When editing the page content in builder, then clicking “View current draft”, no updates are being made. Additionally, if I Publish the page and click “View Live Page” the page shown is that of this morning. It looks like the page isn’t being updated in Builder CDN. I’ve tried this from different machines and cleared browser cache with same results.

Also (not sure if related) - if I create a new Page in builder, and edit content - I see “404” message in the editor.

Hi @dankarmy ,

I took a look at your content and what is happening is that the custom javascript you added is failing when it is evaluated, which is causing the Builder CDN to return the last valid content instead of the most recent updates. To fix this, open up the JS slider:

and wrap the custom code you have in the JS side in a check to make sure it only runs in the browser:

if (Builder.isBrowser) {
  // all your code

The reason for this is your code has specific calls to client side only things like document, and this code might be evaluated on the server depending on how the page is fetched.

Hope that helps!