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Images not updating in the builder

Hi team,

I’ve started recently to have issues updating content in the visual builder, and often the changes not being reflected even in the builder itself.
I have a home page containing images and products (see Builder.io: Drag and drop page builder and CMS)

When I update the images (see image popup with a different image) and I reload the builder, I don’t see any changes and the old content is still show.

Even when I create a new empty homepage targeting the same url (see the layers tab being empty) I see the old content appearing, see screenshot below.

I’ve tried it on Safari, Chrome and Firefox, but no changes.
I’ve made sure that the preview URL configured for this page type doesn’t have caching enabled to make sure it’s not a caching issue.
I do get a popup that I’m close to my plan limit, which may restrict me from editing content, but we have reached our limits yet.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi again,

Apologies for the noise, the modelName changed accidentally in the code, and once rolled out that impacted the ability to change change the content in the builder.


Hey @vperrin glad to hear things were resolved on your end!