Features of the free plan?

Hello everyone, who can tell you for a small online store for 100 products there is enough free plan and in particular a bandwidth of 10 GB per month?

Hi @Yusipower !

You can see a detailed breakdown of our pricing here: Pricing - Builder.io

As well as an explanation of how bandwidth is calculated here: What is bandwidth? Why am I over my limit?

It is really hard to say how much bandwidth you would need without knowing more info on how many site visits you expect, how big your pages are, how much high bandwidth content you might have (videos, images, etc). If you have a very small store with few visitors, the free plan could be enough, but the good news is that as your store continues to grow it is very easy to upgrade to the Basic, Growth or Enterprise plans as your site expands.

If you have detailed information on site visits, page size, etc, we can try to help build the best plan for you, or conversely, just start with the free plan, see how it goes and we can help you upgrade as needed!