Seats and pricing?

I’m trying to understand the pricing for and how users count against the monthly price model. If I have a single site in the growth plan with one admin and 3 editors is my monthly total then $196? My assumption here is that I picked the month-to-month plan. I’m figuring out how I can have several websites with a limited number of admins and several editors. So if I have 20 basic websites and 20 Growth websites with 2 admins and 5 editors per site, is my monthly bill then 3,360 + 6,860 = 10,220?

Hello @Jasper!

Certainly, let me clarify the pricing for based on your scenario.

If we consider your examples:

  1. Single Site in Growth Plan:
  • 1 admin and 3 editors on a single site with the Growth plan.
  • Assuming a month-to-month plan, your monthly total would be $196.
  1. Multiple Websites:
  • 20 Basic websites and 20 Growth websites.
  • 2 admins and 5 editors per site for each website type.
  • Calculation: (20 Basic × $24 x 7 Users) + (20 Growth × $49 x 7 Users) = $3360 + $6860 = $10,220

That’s accurate. If you anticipate managing multiple websites, exploring the enterprise options might be a suitable consideration.