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Eye-Bleeding Shopify Pricing


Can someone help me out to understand pricing. I was under the impression when I signed up that the app was $99/month USD. I thought it was a bit steep relatively to all of the other SAS subscriptions that I have at our strategic design consultancy. For omni-channel retail clients, we generally work with their development teams in Woo Commerce or Magento. But we definitely have a few smaller clients using Shopify and we’re happy to work in that environment for them. i thought that Builder.io would be a great fit and put a lot of effort in to learning the platform etc…

So when i go to subscribe… it looks like the advertised $99/month is more or less a teaser with basically no functionality that isn’t readily available for free. So the actual quote is somehow 3x higher at $299/month USD (!). And moreover it’s per store(!!). So that means my plan to use this platform to help out on three small sites would cost $10,800 PER YEAR.

Am I missing something? I’ve had substantially white label SaS systems that ran 80-person companies with $10-50m/revenue that cost less that that. I was thinking this would be a great platform for all of our work and I already made several referrals. But if i’m understanding this pricing correctly, then this programme is an absolute non-starter.

I’d love someone to point out that i’ve misunderstood. if not, i guess i’ve just wasted a lot of time that I didn’t have and will leave extremely frustrated. I get that there are loads of people on Shopify trying to sell basic javascripts as apps with a monthly fee, but that that hardly is a long-term business plan. You’ve got a pretty great product here that could have real reach, but ti seems like you are so overcharging the market that you are killing your potential to grow.

Hi @LH-sg :wave:t2: Thanks for reaching out!

Thanks for the feedback! Our Basic plan currently contains all of the basics to build (Drag & drop visual editor, theme pages & elements, custom pages, scheduling, basic analytics, basic developer tools, live chat). We are planning on expanding the Basic subscription to include the following capabilities that are currently only in the Growth subscription:

  • Custom dropzones/sections
  • Basic targeting (target content by product, collection, and URL)

The features above should really expand the capabilities of the Basic plan. This change should be updated in a few weeks!

I reached out to you in our chat about the difficulty you were running into (you may be in the wrong organization). If you have any follow up questions, let us know!