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Field level localization (beta)


This feature is currently in beta. Please reply to this post with questions and feedback


Currently, level localization requires using our React SDK


Field level localization does not yet work for custom fields, only inputs to visual elements dropped onto a page (text, images, custom components, etc).


In order to use this feature, you need to pass a locale property to the data prop of the BuilderComponent. For example, to display localized values for 'en-US'

<BuilderComponent model={yourModel} context={{ locale: 'en-US' }} />

Now any values localized to en-US will be displayed in your rendered content. Learn more about context in our React SDK here


To add localized values, select a layer and next to any option chose the binding icon (4 dots in a square). Then choose “localize values” and enter what value you want for each locale

To add locales choose “add locales here” and enter your new locale name.

To manage locales go to builder.io/account/space and choose the pencil button next to “Custom targeting attributes” and you can add and remove locales next to the locale field

Up next

More docs will be coming soon :slight_smile: