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Localization in Builder

For localization, there are a few approaches you could use.

  1. What most customers do and and works ‘out of the box’ is using our custom targeting to make localized versions of pages in Builder. This also allows each locale to edit page structure where needed (e.g. delete a non-applicable section, etc). Often those using this make a master template, then duplicate and translate per locale. This is often most intuitive too - you see the text in context and just click and type to edit. Below is a screenshot of what that looks like in the app for one of our customers that manages content across 7 different locales

image (1)

  1. Use our APIs and webhooks to create a plugin for a 3rd party translation service. We have an open source example here for Memsource, which some of our customers use.

  2. You can make all text fields of Builder pages dynamic. This more models how pages are built if hand-coded (e.g. with React) - separating translation from page structure. This can be more complex to manage for non-developers though.