Figma integration feedback

Hey therer gang :slight_smile: am playing around with your figma integration and I would absolutely love it if we could import full frames. Lets say that we have a header frame that we could import the nav, hero image, CTA button etc in one go. For now it will only import each element seperately which works without any issues - e.g. the button seperately, the image etc :slight_smile: support for svg would also be huge so that we dont have to rasterize icons :slight_smile:

Thank you for this feedback @creativemac! I’ve passed this onto our team.

Hi there! Following up on this request - thanks for the feedback our team really appreciates it. Ive added your request to our new customer feedback board here Figma Integration - Import full frames | Ideas

Please give it a vote! And if you think of anything else that could make our platform better, please submit them as Builder Ideas. Thank you!

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