File Name on Upload

Hi, I was wondering if there is a way for content editors to see what is the file name or url, when they select a image/file on File Field for a Custom Component. So far, I am only seeing an image preview but nothing else. Is there a quick clean way for content editors to know what image/file they have selected from the Asset Library?

Hey @tyuWebstacks, on’s visual editor when you select an image or file in a File Field for a Custom Component, typically only an image preview is shown by default. This is streamlined for ease of use, focusing on visual selection rather than technical details like the filename or URL.
If you have any suggestions or feature requests regarding this functionality, please don’t hesitate to submit them through our dedicated platform at Ideas.

Thanks for the response. In the meantime, what is the recommended way currently to look up the file name? Is it through searching in the Asset Library?

You have the option to search through the Asset library. Alternatively, when uploading an asset, you can also locate the file name in the pop-up window.