Uploaded images assets


I use builder.io/upload to upload my assets, but is there a place where I can see all of my uploaded images maybe can rename or delete some of them? Because in this site I only see the photos which I uploaded currently, where can I find the other ones in a similar way?

Let me know!


There is no way to rename image files you’ve uploaded them, but you can delete them and re-upload them with a new name. You can find them in the “your recent photos” tab in the popup window in your editor when you select “choose photo” for an image block.

would it be great, if there would be an endpoint where I could list all of my images, I often need only the url of my asset, and I cannot get it without add an imageblock select image, check the url, and delete the imageblock…

I think it would be very handy if I could see all of my uploaded assets (which is visible in the recent photos popup-window) in a seperate endpoint like builder.io/assets.

Please let me know!

Hi @radikris, this isn’t available now, but it would be a great idea to submit here: https://ideas.builder.io/

@sarah how is it possible to delete assets from builder? via the API?

For example, maybe is it possible to delete font?