How to list all the assets from the asset library using Rest API?

Is there a REST API to get list of all assets from the asset library. I explored the Content API but it seems the endpoint is tied with the Model Name. I want to query all the images that are present in this page

Hello ceroy-t,

I believe our Image API is the tool you’re looking for. You should be able to interact with all of your uploaded images in the asset library with this.
I’ve linked the Doc below.

@JuliusGD , I went through the docs, but it seems it requires a filename<filename>?<params>

without the file name I am getting 400 with

The requirement is to list down all the images as I am working on a script hence need to do this dynamically.

I think you can try this content for API . It requires a Model Name, there might be another endpoint that allows querying all assets without specifying a model. This endpoint is often something like /assets, /library, or /media. By doing this, you can also filter the results to only include images, you can often use query parameters, such as ?type=image