First paragraph spacing disappears on every page

Whenever I add text to any page or section with Builder, the first paragraph never adds a paragraph space. I always have to manually add another paragraph tag in the HTML to get it to match the following paragraphs. How do I fix this so that it always adds proper paragraph spacing?

This is probably one of my biggest annoyances with Builder thus far, as it happens every time.

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I want my text boxes to have proper paragraph spacing between the first and second paragraphs. Proper spacing always occurs between the second and third, and all following paragraphs, just not the first one. I always have to manually add a


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Hey @ElManorAve,

Thanks for reaching out! That style is caused by a conflict with Builder’s default styles and your store’s theme styles. The best way to remove this is to add the following CSS to your store’s theme styles:

p:first-of-type {
    margin-bottom: 10px!important;

Head to your Shopify store admin, then click Online Store in the left sidebar. Then, under Current Theme, choose Actions > Edit Code. Locate the “Assets” folder and open your “stylesheet.css” or “stylesheet.css.liquid” file. Then, paste the CSS code on line 67, before the line that starts with @media.... Make sure to hit “Save” on the top right!

~Logan from

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