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Where did my space go?

TLDR : Spaces are very broken and I am encountering lots of bugs in the tool. Can builder be considered production ready if it is losing client’s content?

We are running into a ton of issues in getting some of our sites going on builder. First we had a space that was set to custom components only. When I turned that setting off nothing changed in the UI and the space was stuck in custom components mode no matter what the slider on the space’s “account” settings said.

So, I decided to try a new space (this would have been our 6th total space). I created a new one, got my content all setup and was happy for a brief moment till I went to our spaces list and noticed my new space was gone. Then I thought that I should just archive the old broken space to see if that helped my new space appear. I archived the old space and that too does not seem to have fully worked. The archived space is still in the list and my new space is nowhere to be found. I can still fetch the content from the missing space in the API, but there is no way to navigate to it in the UI.

I also noticed that on the builder.io pricing page it lists most plans as supporting only 1 space. Why were we allowed to create more spaces than our plan in the UI?

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Hey @ablondeau - sorry to hear you are running into these issues. To my knowledge, this is the first report ever of any such issues with spaces (disappearing, etc). A few things to note

  • components-only mode can be configured at the space or model level. model level overrides space level, so if you are noticing the space setting not sticking look into the model setting to see if that is overriding
  • while we have never seen cases of spaces disappearing, we do see cases of UX confusion of switching between organizations. admittedly, our UIs for which organization you are in is not prominent enough for some, so my guess here is you may have slipped into the wrong organization which then might say say you have a different set of spaces or even none in that org
  • pricing is at the per-space level, so that’s what the page you are referring to about 1 space is pointing at - aka the pricing is per user per space (except with enterprise plans we do some bulk discounting and other customization)

I’m happy to help look deeper into your issue too. Can you send the public API key of the ghost space (the one you can pull content but can’t access). There may be other more rare issues going on that I can help investigate for you