Space related questions

Hi I have some questions about builder spaces

  1. We have an extra organization created and wish to delete that. We already plans updated for spaces in another organization. Could you please let me know how we can delete an organization or space?
  2. Is it possible to bulk copy content to another space? There is an option to copy each page to another space but no bulk copy. Could you please help with this? If it is possible to do that from your backend OR if there is some script?

Hi @olivela, Welcome to Forum! I will be helping you with this request.

Response 1#: You could also just go to the Org settings and archive it, but if you want to delete then please provide us the Org I’d and associated Email that you wish to delete. Builder support does the deletion part for the user.

Response 2#: Yes, this is possible. I recommend the following steps:
Step 1: First Import the space. Follow: Using the CLI to import builder spaces to your filesystem
Step2: Then you can use the CLI to create a new space from it. Please follow : - npm

If you have any other questions or come across any issues while doing this, let us know!

Hi, thank you for your response.

  1. I don’t see any option in settings to archive the organisation. Could you please mention where exactly it is? Also, please let me know how to get the organisation ID as I don’t see it anywhere.
    FYI the trial has expired for this organisation, so only the settings tab is accessible.
  2. Using the CLI option, it will create a new space as I understand. But we already have a new space and just wish to copy content in it.
    Also the link does not have enough details for using the imported data in another space. Could you please redirect me to any documentation available for it?

Hi @olivela,

Response 1#:
a) You will find the option to archive in Account Settings>Organization>Click on 3 dots on the top right side:-

And the steps to access archive content are here: Where does Archive lead to

b) You can find your Org ID in your Organization setting, Cmd / Ctrl + P → Copy API Key.

To delete an organization, please share the same with us.

Response2#: We’re taking a look at your second question as well!

Hi @olivela, Thanks for your patience!

Response2#: You can achieve this by downloading your Space content with the Builder CLI. Once downloaded, you can decide which content needs to be uploaded to your existing Space with our Admin API

If you face any issues while achieving this, please free to reach us. Happy to help & learn!