How to duplicate whole space, or organization?

We have a project in (growth plan), and there is one space, which we would like to duplicate totally, or clone it.

The reason, we have a current production site, which we want to totally redesign, but without publishing meanwhile changes to the prod environment, thats why we want to create another space (clone the old one), we will update this one and use it for our testing, and after we finished we will make this space our production one.

But I cannot find a UI way to clone it, can you please help me?

Hello radikris,

If your intent is to create a staging environment, please see the documentation, below:

If you’re looking to clone another space independent of the current space, I was able to find the following forum post making use of our Admin API:

Yes the environments would be the better solution, but as I see it is only available for enterprise plan. Our current growth plan does not support this?

The clone space would be only a workaround, but this is not really the definition how test and prod should work, because one will always be ahead or deprecated to the other.

Any idea or chance we can get the environment version work on our side?

Hello radkiris,

At this point, separate environments are only available for our Enterprise plan. I would be able to connect you with a Sales Representative if this is something you are interested in.

Yes please see private message