Clone Space using Admin Api

Hi, I would like to clone an entire space using Admin Api. Reading the Documentation I found that it is possible but I couldn’t found any mutation in Builder GraphQl Playground.

Hi @carloshsf ! Thanks for the question!

So, there isnt a cloneSpace mutation per se, but there are ways to effectively clone a space. That being said, I personally find it easier to actually use our CLI tool for something like this.

Essentially you would use builder import to copy down your space

And then builder create to create a new space from that import

Try that out and see if that works for you!

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Hi @TimG , thanks for the response, I installed the sdk and it work’s great! The typing support help a lot!

I’m managing to create Spaces and Models, but I would really like to be able to duplicate one or more pages.

Initially I was imagining that by duplicating a Space, all its information would be duplicated as well. Is there a way to do this?

Hey @carloshsf When duplicating a space using builder import and builder create as outlined in the docs linked above it should duplicate the content entries as well as the models, settings, etc

Was that how you duplicated the space? Or did you use another flow?

Also worth noting, if you only have a few content entries you can manually copy any content across spaces by selecting Copy to another space from the drop down if you click the three dots in the upper right corner.

Screen Shot 2022-08-03 at 3.06.55 PM