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Cloning spaces or model to another space


Apologies if this has already been raised but a feature that would be very benfical to me would be the ability to clone a space or to clone a model from one space to another like you can do with content.

All my sites have the same foundation which I have to recreate everytime I have a new site to develop.



Hi @niftycode thanks for the feedback! There is a technical way to acheive this, by cloning down parts of your space using our CLI in the steps outlined here: Using the CLI to import builder spaces to your filesystem

But as for an a user flow within our site we do not have anything at the moment. It is definitely a useful feature request though! I would recommend you add it to our ideas.builder.io page…here we collect any feature requests and users are able to upvote as they like. It will also allow you to track the request once we implement it…check it out! https://ideas.builder.io/

Hi Tim

I have managed to clone down a space using the CLI as mentioned above, however the article does not mention how I get the models into a new space. Apologies if I have missed something.



@niftycode Sorry for delay I was waiting for a new update, which I can now share…We actually just released a new Admin API to beta that can be used to achieve just what you are looking for. You can see our basic documentation here:

and here:

And play around with it here:

This API uses GraphQL so play around with is in the playground to see if you are able to achieve what you are looking for! If you click the Docs tab on the right you can see the available mutations and queries: