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Moving licences between spaces and deleting spaces

Hi all,

I have admin role but I’m not a member of any space. I have a few defunct spaces, so I want to move the licences to my active spaces and delete the old ones. How do I do this? All the spaces are greyed out, and while I can add a space there is not obvious way to delete them.

Regards, Richard

Hey @Richard_at_the_pools - you can now archive spaces from builder.io/account/space

That said - you need someone who is an admin of the space to do it. Are you in a situation where you are paying for a space but you and no one else is an admin of it?

Right now we have no built-in way of transferring subscriptions to spaces, but you can end the subscription of one space and close another. If you have no admins of the space please contact help@builder.io and they can help you manually make these changes in our backend