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Problem with accessing Builder page editor

Hi everyone!

I am trying to work with Builder for the first time and I’m having problems accessing the page editor in the Builder UI - I’m getting stuck in a kind of infinite loop.

I can navigate fine to the spaces page, but when I try to access a space I get stuck in the following cycle:

Spaces > click on space I want to work on > circle goes round > decides I am in no organizations > wait a bit and it decides I am in an organization > reloads me back to Spaces to start the circle again.

I’ve tried logging in and out again and using Chrome instead of Vivaldi, but neither fix the issue. I did manage to get through once by some miracle, but after I closed the tab it won’t let me back in.

Hoping someone has some insight here.

Hi @dominicw,

Can you provide the name and ID of your root organization? We will take a look!

Hi @maddy , thank you for your response, sorry about the delay in replying, I’ve been off. The organization name is Yes Yes Tech Ltd, I can’t find an organization ID anywhere. The email I’m logged in with is dominic@yyt.dev.

I did manage to access a space earlier on Friday, but this morning I have the same problem again.

Thanks for those details! We will take a look and keep you updated.

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