Logging in to builder.io and getting no organisations

I used to be able to view my organisation. I have been invited to join and login by my admin, however when it takes me to builder.io I keep getting the a blank screen with the menus on LHS but the main screen just tells me:

You are in no organizations
Create Organization

Can anyone help ?

Hello @tony18,

Welcome to the Builder.io forum post.

Could you please let us know if you’re using any browser extensions such as VPN or adblocker? This information will help us troubleshoot your issue effectively.

Additionally, could you confirm the organization name to which you’ve been invited?

Hi Manish, thanks for the response. None of these extensions are used thanks. Ucation (Production) is the organisation.

Hello @tony18,

A new invitation has been sent out for access to the Ucation (Production) space. Accepting this invitation should grant you access to the space now. Please let us know if you encounter any further issues.