My account suddenly return no organization

Hi, I’m working with today but suddenly after refresh it returns this page and I can’t continue my work. Anything change recently or just something down?

Same here. Hope they get this taken care of ASAP

Hi @maythee,

The internal team facing the same issue. Our dev team started working on a potential fix. I’ll keep you updated!

@garima Looks like it’s fixed? I can access the page now.

Hi @maythee, Yes, it’s fixed now.

Sorry, you experienced this! Let us know if you have further questions.

Thank you!

Hi everyone, wanted to post an update here. There was a disruption from one of our 3rd party database services hosted on Google Cloud that caused issues for users across the web. The issue seems to have been resolved, please let us know if you notice any lingering problems or continue to have issues!

We are investigating ways to improve so that our users can be better safeguarded by disruptions from 3rd parter providers outside of our control, and apologize for any inconvenience!

Also in the future, please check for the latest on any disruptions or outages!