I have a problem with either builder.io extension in VisualStudioCode and your browser version

I’m a new in what concerning frontend app-n. As I understood that using your extension I can convert Figma file containing set of dialogs into components(files) for VisualStudioCode’s VueJS project.

I tried to install Builder.io extension and use it. I get following picture as result of it

After it, I send e-mail to your support and Garima Bansal answered me and offered to use your browser option.

I opened it, tried to create organization and everything was stuck forever.

Thanks in advance.
Wait for your answer

Best regards,

Hi @borisl, Welcome to Builder.io Forum, and thanks for posting your issue here.

I took a look into this and looks like one organization is already created on your account.

You can go to this org and add your space. If you would like to add a new org, click “New Org” and name it.

If the issue still persists, while accessing or creating org, do you mind sharing console errors if you see any?

The question is how I can open your site with my account?