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Form Submission Response Time


I’ve been trying out Builder’s feature for forms. It seems like a great feature, however on testing, I am finding that form submissions are taking very very long to run - on a recent test page I set up, the response time was 9 seconds:

Is there any reason for this to be so long? Is this something that Builder can improve?

Hey @jballo, I haven’t been able to reproduce this on my end. Can you share the Builder url for this content entry and we’ll investigate? Thanks!

Hi Kara! Here’s an example: WaldenCore

I don’t see any Builder drag and drop form blocks added to your /contact page. Are you referring to the performance of the Zendesk contact widget?

No - I made updates to this page today to remove the Builder form. It was with any form I tried with builder tho

Hey @jballo I was able to reproduce on my end, and I will send this information to our technical team so they can look into improving!

Hey @jballo we made an improvement and it should be much faster now!