Get API Request

Hi Builder Team,
I want to know that is there any option to get the data model field types along with validations like Required, Regex etc. which builder provides while having API Request. For now I am not getting any fields like this. Just confirm me this feature is provided by Builder or not…?
Please consider it for both cases when we have data for our model and when we don’t have (only model schema is created and saved).

Brijendra Yadav

Hi @Brijendra ! So if I am understanding correctly, you want to have the model field schema included within the API response that contains the content fro the entry as well? Currently that is not available from our content API.

That being said, you can query a model’s schema and all associated requirements using our Admin API , would that be sufficient for you?

What is your exact use case for this?

Hi @TimG Actually I want to create a dynamic form from react side using the schema of model which is in Builder…

Got it, ok so then I would suggest testing the Admin API you should be able to get schema for any given model and then within code use that to create your forms. Does that work for oyu?

Thankyou @TimG I have checked Admin API and it’s working fine for me.

Great ! Let us know if you have any questions : )