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In my blog page module, When I try to add a field of type tag then It after saving it. When I click on content > blog page and any template then Its give me error.

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Hi @anupama.sharmaa, it looks like this was caused by changing a field type of Reference to Tag in your model after some models already had a Reference type input. Changing this back to Reference seems to have fixed the issue. To add a Tag type field, you can add a brand new field.

Making a new field with a different name works good, but Why I can still able to see my old fields which I deleted from model.

Is there any type of cache or bug?

Hi @anupama.sharmaa , if you try deleting those again do they still show up? Are you able to make a screen recording showing this?

@sarah, Sure I’m sharing screenshots with you,
Here is the fields of my model Which I made in builder.

Here is the data I’m getting at my frontend by requesting data of the above model

The field like tag and tags, I delete them from my builder model approximately a month ago but Its still showing up here in my front end.

Because of this reason I can’t be able to make a new field of same name which I deleted. builder throw the error if I try.

Please resolve the issue.

Hi @anupama.sharmaa , thank you for clarifying. This is expected behavior that prevents old content from breaking.

You can edit or remove this data in the editor by using the keyboard shortcut CMD+E (on a mac), or by right clicking in the editor side panel and selecting “JSON view”. Once you remove the data, you will have to publish the page to see these updates.

Another option would be to use the Write API to delete this data: Write API -

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Thank you helping me @sarah

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