Google Fonts Not Working from Second Element Onward

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e.g. Add a text component and assign a Google font through the editing panel, it will work perfectly. When you add another text component and add the same font to this new component, considers the @font-face previously added by itself as a font added by my application, thus no longer adding the @font-face from the

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data.customFonts returned from the when successful

data.customFonts returned from when error

However, I did not add this font ‘Pathway Gothic One’ to my project, only through

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NextJS App Router

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Hello @IgorDevJS,

Regrettably, this issue is not reproducible on our end when using builder GEN 1 SDK, therefore, to further investigate, could you confirm the builder SDK version you are using?

Hello @manish-sharma,

Sure, I’m using the GEN 1 version of the SDK.

But this bug has already been reported, and you’re addressing it here:

Hello @IgorDevJS,

I wanted to let you know that we were finally able to consistently reproduce the reported issue with Google fonts on our end, and we believe it may be a bug. Thank you for all your input today. We are currently investigating this further with our internal team and will provide you with an update as soon as we make any progress.

In the meantime, as suggested, please try uploading the Google fonts that are not working in the editor as custom fonts.

Thank you!

Hello @manish-sharma,
That’s great news!

Thank you very much!!