Hide Shopify Header toggle not working

Hi Builder Forum Crew,

I’m building a landing page and I want to hide the Shopify header. I’ve flipped the ‘Hide Header and Footer’ toggle. The page content has slid up, but the header is still visible. See attached screenshot.

Can you help me hide the header on this landing page?
Thank you,

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Hi Aaron, using the ‘Hide Header and Footer’ toggle will add { display: none !important; } to the <header> and <footer> HTML tags in the css stylesheet for the page. This isn’t working on your page because your header doesn’t use the <header> tag.

To hide your header, you can add .site-header { display: none !important; } to the page’s stylesheet. To do this, click on the data tab in your editor, then click the “Edit Content JS + CSS” button, and paste the code into the CSS box.

Brilliant! Thank you so much!