How to remove header + footer pulled in from Shopify site

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When I created my blank landing page, we had already integrated with our Shopify site. It pulled over the header/banner and the footer from our site.
I don’t want these on the landing page, so I can create a new banner and footer.
How can these be removed?

Code stack you are integrating Builder with

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I was able to remove the header and footer.

But how can I hide the announcement bar that’s pulled from our Shopify site?

Hi @racheldbailey ,

As I have checked this coming from Shopify directly, not even showing in builder layers. You can either remove or disable it from the Shopify site directly or follow a small hack by hiding it using CSS in the builder by adding the below lines of code

     display: none;

Hopefully, this helps, please let me know if there are any further questions we can assist you with!

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