Excess space at top after hiding announcement bar

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After hiding the announcement bar pulled in from Sholpify, we have excess blank space at the top of our landing page (on desktop & mobile). Is there a way to remove/hide this? Thank you!

Hi @racheldbailey, Thanks for getting in touch.

I have checked your content and it seems there is extra top padding around the header.

So, this is happening because of styling from your Shopify site.
I recommend:

  1. Ideally if you work with a developer on that you should update the CSS.
  2. For a quick fix, you can add .header-custom { padding:0px 50px 0; } to the custom CSS for your page. You can access that by going to the data tab and selecting the “Edit Content JS + CSS” button.

If you have any other questions or concerns, let us know!

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Hello! That worked–thank you! However, on mobile, the header is no longer displaying correctly (the items appear overlapped after adding the code).

Hello @racheldbailey, Thanks for letting me know. I’ve fixed it for you. Please check your content and let me know if you require any additional help!