Excess padding caused by bar at top?

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There is excess padding on desktop + mobile (on the right side).
It appears to be caused by the white bar at the top with the logo. I’ve tried setting min width to 100vw as suggested in another thread, but it doesn’t seem to be helping.
Can someone please assist with removing that padding?

Hi @racheldbailey!

The excess padding on desktop and mobile is because of hidden offer content with -ve margin-right, Kindly remove the -ve margin and set the container width to 100%, that should fix the problem. If not, then do let us know. Thank you!

Hi! Thank you for your reply.

I’m not seeing -ve margin-right anywhere. But I think I’ve set the width to 100%.
I also deleted the hidden items in an effort to help, but I still see excess padding.

Can you please assist?

Hi @racheldbailey,

The excess padding seems to be caused by animation, which we found when using both Fade in Left and Fade in Right in your content. There are 2 fade in left animations currently on your content, if you change them to Fade in Right, excess padding will disappear. That’s a strange issue and we will keep you posted once a valid solution is found. Thank you!

@manish-sharma Hello!

I was able to remove the excess padding! You were right–it was the top white logo bar. I just deleted it and made a new one. That fixed it!

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When we check on mobile, there is a lot of padding on either side of the page.
But in builder, I don’t see it.

I’ve included still shots from a screen recording.

Can someone please fix this?

Hi @racheldbailey,

We have tried fixing this issue, could you please check and let us know?

We’ve just checked–it is still sloshing around pretty severely. We’ve just published our page.

Is there anyway to figure out how to fix this ASAP?

Hi @racheldbailey,

Could you help me with the builder content link? Is it the Dip Lip Campaign 2?

That’s the one!

Hi @racheldbailey,

Thanks for your quick response. Can you please check now?

Thanks so much for your quick action on this.
It appears fixed on my end (Android). Just waiting for confirmation from my colleague (iphone).

Hi @racheldbailey!

If you still have any issues then do let us know. Thank you!

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