Can someone help me with the following ? Cant see how to fix it

Hello everyone ! im creating my first site on builder , can you please please check attached file , that describes what im struggling with! I cant solve this , dont know what i did wrong , other than copy and paste? If thats prohibited haha

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Hi @ecomsniper770 and welcome to the forum!

It looks like you are having some trouble with formatting the content in your Accordions element. Would you be able to share a link to this content entry in your Builder account so we may advise some style changes you can make?

If you are pasting content from an external source, please make sure to press CMD/CTR + SHIFT + V to paste the content without carrying over its styling.

Thank you!

Im feeling so stupid… First landing page im creating myself :joy:
Where can i find the link to share the page im building to you ?

I just need the link in the address bar from the page you are working in!

Thank you for that! The main thing here was that the styles from wherever you copied this text from were adding some undesired results. Just keep in mind that you will likely not want to copy over the styles, so be sure to use that ctrl + shift + V shortcut! The accordion works by duplicating the previous item you made in the accordion, so it was just that you got stuck with bad styles. I recreated this element for you with the information that was placed in it.

And this white part between the header and the rest of the page , how can i remove it or why was it generated? This was there from the moment i grabbed the sharma template i didnt do anything to fuck things up haha

Hey @ecomsniper770!

How to hide in Builder

It looks like the “main” container for your content has a padding value of 60px on the top.

Luckily, it’s easy to select the container and override the styles that are applied there. Head to Data > Edit Content JS + CSS. In the CSS panel, paste in this code:

.content-main {padding: 0!important}

That code will select the main content container and override it so that it doesn’t have the padding anymore.

How to hide via Shopify

Ideally, you could change this in the theme style file instead of via Builder, so it will correctly apply to all instances of the main content container. Head to your Online Store Theme dashboard at and click “Edit Code”

Then, look in your “Assets” folder for “styles.scss”. On line 3432, you will find the original code for the style of your main content container and make the changes you would like! In this case, the theme is using a variable to calculate the value of the top padding. Depending on your knowledge and needs, you can try deleting this line altogether, or editing how the $content-row-padding variable is caclulated.


Thanks for all your help! Once i master this i will try to give back and help others :pray:t4: im slowly learning how this works.

Now for example i want to add 5 star review symbol below each of these 3 reviews ,like you see on the sharma example. so i would guess i need to add png/jpeg file of the stars right? But it wont let me add it inside the text box… Is there a way to fix it? or would i need to create text box , image , text box?
Also i try to at least put it below the name , but dont know why it will show not centered :see_no_evil:

Hi @ecomsniper770, are you still in need of help with this one? I see that you have review stars centered in the columns on the content page at the moment.

Hello @logan ! Im trying to finish my first landing page , want to focus on this this week. Just payed my plan but now i see it is not showing up my previous project. Any idea why ? What can i do ? Thanks

Hi @ecomsniper770! I’m hearing that a project that you previously worked on is not appearing for you. Could you please share some more information about this project? Was this a Space or Organization, or a Content entry that you were working on?

Hello Logan ! Found it !

1: How can i add a picture of the 5 stars here ? Want to understand how builder works (im on it , thanks for your patience)

2: Is there a way to auto “align” things on the same section/layer ?

Thanks !!

@logan would appreciate a lot your help :hugs: :pray:

Hey @ecomsniper770! This one was easier to answer with a video: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Please note that the changes I made to the page have been reverted, as we cannot make permanent changes for you. Thanks!

Hello Logan, thanks a lot for your reply.
I have been REALLY procrastinating on this. FFS. I thought it was way easier , guessing its the learning curve… You make it look so easy :innocent:

Im now trying to build a product page and im encountering the following issues (find attached in the link)
Could you please advice? Or where can i get builder lessons lol , sorry to bother

Thanks in advance

Hi @ecomsniper770!

You have a lot of varied requests in your Notion there.

You can start learning what’s possible in Builder in our documentation. I’d especially recommend our Box Model tutorial as a great starting point on your Builder journey, and you can use some of our most popular tutorials to watch content related to Builder.

Regarding your overall questions, we’d highly recommend reaching out to Storetasker, a team of Builder-trained Shopify experts. They are able to provide layout and integrations services in the context of Builder.

If you’d prefer to stick on your own learning path for now, I’d encourage you to create a new forum post for each question you have regarding your layout in Builder, so that the answer is readily available to anyone else looking for that knowledge.

Thank you!
~ Logan from