How can I handle relative URLs in my data

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I am connecting my builder project with my Strapi-backend-data. This backend is living on another subdomain. When fetching the images of people I am getting a relative URL (for the backend domain). This causes the images not to render when using it in builder or deploying it to our page.
Url I am getting from strapi: /uploads/image_name.jpg
Domain of strapi:
Domain of website:
Correct image URL:
Resolves image URL:

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Strapi, Nuxt

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I actually found a solution now for the problem. It is a little bit cumbersome because I need to do it for all my images but it’s better than nothing.

In the element data binding I adapt the string that is returned in the js-console the following way:


This will return the correct URL in my case and render the images.