How can we make other Pages?

One aspect that perplexes him greatly is the process of creating pages. While I have successfully crafted my initial homepage, the procedure for generating additional pages on the website lacks clarity.

I understand that Page Models are integral to page creation, but the lack of coherence in this aspect needs attention. It seems like a usability issue that should be addressed by a UX professional, as it shouldn’t be time-consuming to comprehend how to create another page linked to the appropriate API Key.

It might be beneficial to improve the explanation of this process, particularly for individuals who are new to and just starting with As a UX/UI Designer, I find it crucial to make these processes more user-friendly and intuitive.

Hey @xbrandonpowell you can take a look at Create a new Page.

I have already taking a looking at Create a New Page but still cannot get hang of building another page for my website all I want to know if making a new page does make a new API Key becuase everytime I create a new page it create a new API Key.

Did you read what I said.

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It’s quite challenging for me to understand how to generate pages for my website. I’m a bit confused about the process of creating pages, despite repeatedly generating API keys. Unfortunately, my website doesn’t seem to connect to another page. Every time I attempt to visit my http://localhost:3000/about-us page, I consistently encounter a 404 error, indicating that the page cannot be found.

Hey @xbrandonpowell I understand it can be a bit intimidating at first. I am sharing a loom for you to explain the issue at hand.

Check out our docs for page integration here. If this isn’t helpful in your use case please head over to our github repo for a simple Next Js integration.

Let me know if there is anything else that I can help you with.

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Thank you for sharing but this still needs to be explained a little better because setting up pages three times is very confusing most CMS Site Builder has only 1 step to create a page but you all have 3 steps to create pages and a lot of step on creating a page.

I have created another video to see if I did successfully:

I see the confusion. The models and pages are different. When you create a model it lets you create multiple pages. You don’t have to create a new model every time you create a page.
You also don’t need to use all the three ways to create a page. This is just a way of integrating the pages to your Builder.
Have a look at this loom to see how to create multiple pages of the same model.

Models vs Pages should give you a more detailed info.