Integration CLI Error - Next.js - james

CLI Command:
npx integrate --model page --apiKey aea187723c2f4c88a3b82e56d1bfb0bf --content 151b5dec022e4cc2b0911ea70bfcdb19

Node Version:
Next.js Version:

Path to your Next.js route files (ex ./pages/ or ./src/pages):
Contents of your Next.js route diretory (ex _app.js api/ index.js):

Please provide any other details that would help us debug your issue:

i cant edit any page now, alot of console errors

Hi James,
Thanks for reaching out!

We have a bunch of starters on our Github builder/examples at main · BuilderIO/builder · GitHub that you can model your project after and you can download one that matches your use-case and check out how Builder is installed. You can also read our NextJS guide on our blog, which walks your through integration step-by-step Setting up visual drag-and-drop page building with Next.js

Would you be able to share what type of errors you are receiving?

Also what exactly are you trying to do with this command?