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How To Add A Sticky Button/ Section

Please fill out as many of the following questions as possible so we can help you promptly! If you don’t know how to answer or it does not apply, feel free to remove it or leave it blank.

Builder content link

Builder public api key
go to Builder.io: Drag and drop page builder and CMS and copy your PUBLIC api key

What are you trying to accomplish
I wold like to add a sticky header/ add to cart button. I’d also like to know how to test it on the bottom. I am trying to follow the instructions in this post: How to make a Sticky Add-To-Cart button with Builder for a Shopify site but for some reason it is not working.
Screenshots or video link
Screenshots of your issue, or even better a link to a video of what is happening or what you are trying to accomplish. We love using loom for that sort of thing

Loom video: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Hi @codyjonesroadbeauty!

Your add to cart button section was wrapped inside of another section, so I moved it outside of this extra section and it is working as expected now. If you would instead like the add to cart button section to stick to the bottom of the page, you can remove top: 0 and position: sticky and add bottom: 0 and position: fixed.