How to customize the context menu popping up when using '/' in RichText?

Hi, support team!
I’m going to remove the custom components in Context menu.

Code stack: NEXTJS

Hello @milos,

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Could you please provide further clarification on your requirement?

Thank you.

Thanks for your message.
I want to hide these Custom Blocks.

Hello @milos,

We are unable to reproduce this reported behavior. Could you confirm if the richtext is from a custom component or a Builder text block? If you can share reproducible steps or a screen recording, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks for your response, @manish-sharma

Check this screenshot, please

Hello @milos,

Unfortunately, at present, the option to hide custom blocks from the context menu when using the slash command in the inline text editor is not available. While the below code snippet hides the insert menu, it does not affect the visibility of custom blocks in the context menu.

Builder.register('editor.settings', { customInsertMenu: true });

If you believe that implementing this feature would improve the user experience, we highly encourage you to submit a feature request via our platform at Ideas

Your feedback plays a crucial role in enhancing our services.

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Okay, got it.

Thanks for your help, @manish-sharma