How to query content in a folder on the data tab


I am trying to populate data in a flex box with a query of content from the cms. I have created sections called ‘Person’ and have organized the instances of the person objects into folders (e.g. /Leadership) with the intent that I could base my query for data based on content in a specific folder. That said, I can’t find a good way to query content in a folder and even though I have the content in a folder when I use the api explorer the folders array is empty. There has to be a way to query content based on folders, what am I missing?

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Hello @jhs129,

At the moment, querying data based on a folder is not supported. However, we highly value user feedback and feature requests as they help shape the future development of Builder. If you have a moment, please consider submitting your feature request at Ideas. This platform allows us to gather and prioritize user suggestions more effectively.

Your input is crucial in enhancing our platform, and we appreciate your engagement in making Builder even better.

Thank you!