How to use multiple screen sizes in Figma to generate react solution

I’m new to but I use Figma.
The employer I work for and most do; require at least a mobile, tablet and desktop frames.
I generally use variants in these frame sizes and modes to make everything responsive.
I don’t understand how I can use Visual Copilot to create what Ive already created in Figma, I don’t want Visual Copilot to dictate how the responsive should work, I want to dictate that via my figma file. HOw do I do that or is this a limitation of the product?
@maddy got any idea? Can you straighten me out? help!

I’m not getting any help so let me try to make it more clear. When I design in Figma, I create mobile, tablet and desktop frames. I may use one component for say ‘pricing’ and it has 3 variants. I use modes and variables to make the right variant work for each frame size i.e. mobile, tablet, desktop. How do I use Visual Copilot to use my responsive work in Figma?

what I wanted above

what I got above. It missed the mobile lay pretty bad…why can’t I specify what i want in my figma file?

The other things is; I’ve had this post up here for 3 days. No response at all.

Hello @webologist,

Welcome to the forum post.

Can you share a sample Figma file so that we can test this issue out on our end?

You may also find help at the following link